Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I'm Dave Chen, a 3D generalist who specializes in lighting & compositing. This is my Spring 2010 showreel. Work is comprised of commercial work, student short films, and personal work. Please contact me with any questions.

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It's Five O' Cluck Somewhere

Final Production at the School of Visual Arts

Here is Chris Meek's thesis "It's Five O' Cluck Somewhere." It was fun collaborating with Chris and a great opportunity to expand my knowledge of lighting and compositing. I helped in the environmental texturing, lighting, rendering, & compositing aspects of this short film.


More personal work.

A variety of creature concepts for George Simpson

Painting practice.

Personal artwork.

Creature concept for fellow classmate George Simpson.

Magician concept art created in Photoshop.

Background Plate

Here is the opening shot background plate for "Rabbitkadabra!". Created with a combination of painting & photomanipulation in Photoshop.

Style frames

Here are some quick style frames for the magician scene of our thesis "Rabbitkadabra!"


Here is a colt I modeled for Doug Rappin.

The Pop Opera

Some signs I modeled for the talented, Brandon Lori, for his thesis "The Pop Opera". Modeled in Maya with some post in Photoshop.